BASIC sport climbing course


A basic course of three half-day lessons where you can take your first steps on rock, learn the fundamentals of climbing and belaying your partner, know the equipment and behaviors to adopt in order to manage the risk at best.

Arrampicata alla falesia di Preore.

Contents of the basic climbing course:

  • Basic climbing techniques

Top rope climbing, which is basically climbing with the rope from above

Specific techniques and exercises to gain confidence with height

Partner belay techniques with Gri-gri.
  • Correct use of the equipment
  • Introduction to lead climbing

Teaching method:

  1. explanation
  2. demonstration

individual correction
  4. specific exercises

Learning something is about not being forced and having the opportunity to internalize a concept, therefore there will be no goal to overcome, the explanations will be individual (even if it is a group course) and each one will try to work on personal sensations.

Purpose of the course:

Learing to manage a crag climbing session independently .

Who is it for:

No special athletic training is required for anyone. Also suitable for children from 13 years onwards.


in the crags of the Giudicarie valleys (Coltura, Preore, Val Lomasona) or in the Sarca valley. In case of bad weather, we can go to an indoor climbing wall or an outdoor one sheltered by an overhang.

How long it lasts:

Three lessons of three hours per lesson.

What to bring:

Sportswear and water. All technical material is provided by the guide.


All year round.

I am alone, can I sign up?

Absolutely yes, at the course you will meet other people with skills, experience and goals similar to yours and it could be an opportunity to make your future climbing partners. However, if you have any interested friends, try to involve them, knowing already your climbing partners can sometimes make things easier.


  •  1 client 360€
  •  2 clients € 200
  •  3 clients 140 €
  •  4 clients 115 €
  •  5 clients 100 €
  •  6 clients 90 €

Price per person, including the rental of technical material, pre-formed groups of at least 2 members are preferred. For numerous pre-organized groups, for example organized by SAT, Youth Groups etc. ask for a tailor-made quote.