Who I am

Guida alpina

I live in Tione di Trento, Italy, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, a place I considers among the most beautiful in the world with my girlfriend Chiara and a baby on the way. The Brenta, or Western Group of Dolomites, are the most remote and wild Dolomites, so for some they are too isolated. Personally I love this distance from civilization, and I even made a habit of waking up early in the morning to experience this peace. Born in 1989 in Rovereto, I grew up just east of the northern tip of Lake Garda, just an hour from where I currently resides. I studied the impact of agricultural practices on the environment, and graduated as an agro-environmental expert but from that moment on, I devoted myself to the mountaineering. When I first approached this whirlwind of emotions also known as climbing, I immediately understood that climbing was the one thing I excelled at. Since then, I turned my passion into my career, and in 2014 I became a full time aspirant mountain guide and in 2017 mountain guide. I deeply love my work. What thrills me the most and pushes me to improve myself is the chance to share with other people the feelings of a true adventure. Every time I get up early to face a long day of trekking, climbing or ski mountaineering, I consider myself hugely privileged. How else could I spend 200 days up in the mountains?

As a guide, in line with the variety of activities the mountains offer, I love to experience different disciplines: I think this is the only way to keep my enthusiasm alive. I mostly work as a freelance cooperating with different mountain guides groups and travel agency such as Dolomite Mountains and Viaggia con Carlo, field’s leaders in Dolomites and adventure travel in the world.  Thanks to their support, I had the change to grow professionally and personally leading mountaineers and trekkers close to home or in the most remote altitudes of the Himalaya.

At age 20, I took my first trip to Argentina and I fell in love – not with a beautiful girl in Buenos Aires, but with the mountains of Patagonia. Its storms have not discouraged me from spending there at least a couple of month a year. With my friend and collegue Marcello Cominetti I set up a small group specialized in guiding in these wild zones of the world. After many twist and turns, we consider ourselves veterans and we offer ambitious climbing and trekking off the beaten path of mass tourism. To learn more visit our website…..

According to me, what makes the difference in guiding and really protect the client, is the experience of the guide. To get an idea of my curriculum, read here….

I cannot promise deep friendship or guaranteed satisfaction because such certainties simply do not exist up in the mountains. On the other hand, I think I am quite good at communicating what touches me deeply, but that will be for you to decide!