Limarò River Trekking

Hike in the realm of water and rocks of the Limarò gorge.

It is a true exploration in the heart of Trentino, a must for those who love to immerse themselves in unspoiled and wild nature.

First of all, let’s understand what the Limarò gorge is: it is a canyon shaped down by the Sarca river, a deep carving between the mountains that winds for over 8 km from the town of Terme di Comano to Sarche. In this environment the water is clearly the master, running at the bottom of the gorge. It is a pristine place since it is very off the beaten path, the man has hardly ever put his hand in it and you feel immediately the beauty of exploration. Perhaps it seems to walk in a rainforest, a dense wood lapped by the river, a tangle of vegetation that provides shelter for deer and rare birds. In the deepest part of the canyon the trek takes life, going right at the feet of rock walls up to 400 meters high and it feels like being in a miniaturized world. On these walls some difficult classic and sport climbing routes were recently born.
The gorge, formed by the slow, inexorable work of the Sarca river, is excavated in the Mesozoic rock, from Scaglia Cinerea to Scaglia Rossa and lies on a Red Ammonitic limestone layer, a type of rock that is easily identifiable once passed the Ponte dei Servi (the servants’ bridge). A gorge with an epic taste, where to venture into a path made of bottlenecks and giant’s kettles where the water has shaped the rock at its pleasure and in where it still insinuates foamy.

The excursion reserves breathtaking views and can be covered by anyone in about half a day. Particularly suitable for children (minimum 8 y.o.) and teenagers with an adventurous spirit, and for families.
It begins with a steep path that descends into the gorge, a series of fords and the crossing of an often-dense wood lead then under the most protruding rock walls and at the exit in the town of Sarche, back to the civilization.
This canyon has features in common with the famous Gorropu gorges in Sardinia or those of Samaria in Crete, but it is certainly less known and more savage.
It does not present mountaineering difficulties, you go down to the waist to cross the river in some narrower stretches and it’s mostly about walking on the pebbly riverbed or on vague paths.
Warning! It is good to know that it is a very little frequented place, therefore do not expect to find easy paths, you must equip yourself with a spirit of adaptation and prepare yourself to scratch your legs.


Clothing required consists of hiking clothes, trekking shoes and in any case no slippers or sandals, change of clothes (underwear, trousers and a t-shirt,). Should also bring a couple of plastic bags, a backpack with a raincoat in case of bad weather and at least 1 liter of water. The guide will provide a rock helmet (which is mandatory).
The course is not suitable for children under 8 years of age.


  • € 60 per person with a minimum of 4 people