High mountain

High mountain climbing and classic alpinism are not activities for everyone: the satisfaction you get from fatigue is something that borders on masochism. You get up at night, having breakfast while in the valley the rest of the world is still asleep, as it should be, you exit the shelter in the light of a headlamp and step by step climb towards the mountain. In short, the dawn lights up the soul and colors the landscape, you reach snow and ice and once crampons are on, you tie yourself on the rope. Determination is what is needed to overcome the fatigue and the extra effort caused by the thin air of high altitude, the same that you will experience back in everyday life. On the summit there will be time for hugging and to get excited, but without letting our guard down, we will only be halfway, because from the top there’s no way but back to the valley bottom. The classic ascents on the giants of the Alps conquered through the most logical itineraries, conceived by the great pioneers of the 19th century, are to these days able to give the most genuine and strong emotions of going into the mountains.

Following there are some proposals about exploring the mountains where I grew up. It will give me great pleasure and immense satisfaction to accompany you through the granite pinnacles that emerge from the Adamello glaciers and the Brenta’s dolomitic towers.

Proposte High mountain

  • Cima Brenta 3150m

    Cima Brenta is one of the great mountains of the Brenta Dolomites.

  • Cima d’Ambiez 3102m

    For its position, aesthetics, engagement and rock quality, this peak is certainly one of the most beautiful and coveted of the Brenta group.

  • Cima Presanella 3558m

    The highest peak in Trentino, a mountain of a thousand faces. Whatever mountaineering you love to practice, this peak has its place: from the scenic East ridge, to the snowy slopes where the Nardis trek comes to life, to the dizzying and cold Nord face and the Himalayan style East face.

  • Mount Carè Alto 3462m

    It is the highest and most imposing mountain in the whole southern part of the Adamello group.

  • Corno di Cavento

    Corno di Cavento owes its popularity and important attendance to the combination of great fascination from the mountaineering and hiking point of view, combined with the important history it preserves.

  • Cima Tosa

    The Tosa peak, with its 3173m, is the highest peak in the Brenta Dolomites.

  • Matterhorn 4478m

    The Cervino or Matterhorn, with its 4478m is in 12th place among the 4000, with a universally recognized profile, one of the most famous mountains in the Alps and in the world.