Climbing on Multipitch routes

Multipitch rock climbing

What today is often called “doing multi-pitch routes”, basically more-than-one-pitch routes, it is nothing else than what mountaineering has always been when it comes to climbing rocky mountains.

Two or three people rope up together forming ideally a working team and one pitch after another try to overcome difficulties in order to reach the summit or the top of a wall. Since there is nothing else to climb once the top is reached, the team faces some other unknowns to go back to the bottom of the mountain and, accomplished this last task, everyone shakes hands and returns to their own life. To anyone who has never tried it, it may seem foolish, but how many adventures and emotions have been experienced in this carousel!

A relationship with nature, deep, made of sensations, emotions, friendship with the climbing partner, a fair way to face the mountain: correct game, different, for example, from a via ferrata.


Tying to an alpine guide to approach a rock climbing route, why? A guide does not just tie the rope and take you to the top, he rather takes every opportunity in the context of the climb to make you participate in what is being done, illustrating the secrets of the crags that surround you. During the day you will be given very useful ideas on climbing and safety techniques that the guide considers best, and it will always be something very practical, far from the academic philosophy of some contexts. A climbing day with a guide is itself also a small intensive rock course, as well as an ascent. My dream is that those who come with me to learn, in a matter of a few exits, will feel safe enough to independently find their own way in the mountains, perhaps there will be a more ambitious climb in the future for which they will decide to contact me again, or not.


On many occasions I happened to be “hired” by very good climbers and experts; generally to face an ambitious climb, the classic “way of dreams”. Another context is that of expeditions, even here expert mountaineers decide to involve a guide because remote mountains require choices and particular logistics that are difficult to deal with at the first experience in a completely new environment.


For those who have never touched the rock, it is necessary to undertake a climbing experience on one-pitch climbing, either in an outdoor or indoor gym, before attempting a multi-pitch route.

In general, the required preparation is proportionate to the type of itinerary. For more challenging routes, a cognitive guide/customer path is necessary and a curriculum is required. When in doubt call me, I will not try to convince you, you have to make the last decision alone, but I can help you clarify your ideas.


for medium-length and medium-engagement routes starting from:

  • with one climber € 300
  • with two climbers € 180
  • private negotiation for prestigious and/or demanding climbs
  • 200 € (with one climber) 130 € (with two climbers) only for half-day climbs in the Sarca Valley 

It often happens that for an activity, for example a climb, mainly in order to divide the costs a customer is looking for someone else to be able to make a three-person rope party with. In the event that the customer does not have the opportunity to involve a friend, the guide will do his best to find a valiant climbing mate by choosing and proposing the shared ascension to those who have the proper training and experience. If in doubt call me! I will find you the right companion.


Proposte Climbing on Multipitch routes

  • Adamello-Presanella

    Discover a world of granite with the possibility of climbing on cracks, brutal slabs or sharp ridges, in an isolated natural environment of rare beauty.

  • Arco and Sarca valley

    Quality of climbing and number of itineraries to choose from, along with a particularly favorable climate induce a growing number of fans to choose the Sarca valley, the “Valle dei laghi” and the surroundings of Arco as a destination for their vertical hikes

  • Brenta Dolomites

    Getting your hands on the extremely aesthetic lines created by great mountaineers of the past such as Detassis, Graffer, Castiglioni, Maestri, Aste etc. can offer a day difficult to forget.