Vie Ferrate

What is a via ferrata?

A Via Ferrata is a specially equipped route with iron ladders and metal cables, which facilitate the passage and allow you to climb safely. By connecting and taking advantage of small natural “paths” on walls called “ledges” you can enter the heart of mountains and walls with a technical commitment within everyone’s reach. An experience of great satisfaction and great excitement, ideal for all those looking for a more challenging adventure than trekking but less technical than rock climbing.

Paola e Mary sulle bocchette centrali, traversanto sotto la Brenta Alta.




For low-altitude via ferrata, comfortable clothing, a warm sweater, a warm shell, trekking shoes or light boots, a backpack with water and a snack are enough.
For via ferrata in the Dolomites or high mountain, clothing should be more specific: midweight boots, light down jacket, gloves, hat, large backpack.

Imagine: doing the spectacular via ferrata “delle Bocchette” in the Brenta Dolomites, through pinnacles and spiers, or climbing the summit of Mount Colodri overlooking the town of Arco. But also tackling the steep face of the Tofana di Rozes or directly reach the Payer refuge at the Ortles through via ferrata Tabaretta.
The opportunities are almost endless, the best part of a via ferrata is that no special skills or technical knowledge are needed to climb it and enjoy adrenaline and scenery. All you need is adequate equipment (provided by the guide) such as a harness, a via ferrata kit, rope and carabiners for additional safety, boots, helmet and possibly light gloves and a backpack with personal belongings.
In Trentino there are innumerable via ferratas, from those in the high mountains such as the flowers trail in the Adamello area and the “via delle Bocchette “in the Brenta group to those in the valley floor as the ferrata of Rio Sallagoni or the vertical Pisetta, routes that can be done in all seasons.
Amaze your friends by making them try something unique: ideal for celebrating a special family event, a bachelor / bachelorette party, a conscripts party, a team-building itinerary or an unforgettable meeting moment. There is nothing better than a different emotion from usual, with a hint of adrenaline, to make a day become memorable.



-70€ pp For via ferratas in the Sarca valley.
-100€ pp for via ferratas in the mountains (es. Dolomites)

On-demand, progression courses and follow-ups are organized on via ferratas in the magical Sarca valley, in the Brenta Dolomites or wherever inspiration takes you.
All the necessary material is provided by the guide and included in the price, it is sufficient to have adequate footwear and clothing.

Proposte Vie Ferrate

  • Via ferrata BENINI

    The "Sentiero Attrezzato Benini (Benini equipped route)" is a great classic, never too demanding but extremely panoramic, it is also suitable for families and children.


    Also called Tracciolino or Massimo Torti path, this itinerary is from my personal point of view, the most fascinating, spectacular and rewarding excursion in the landscape of the entire Sarca valley and Lake Garda.

  • Via Ferrata on Cima Capi – Fausto Susatti –

    The Capi's via ferrata, dedicated to Fausto Susatti, a mountaineer from Rovereto, is rightly one of the most beautiful and popular on Lake Garda. Its spectacular 360 degrees view is unforgettable.


    A perfect summery via ferrata for families and children.

  • Art-Pinistic path of Preore, ferrata delle Niere.

    A unique via ferrata that combines the excursion with a cultural trip where you can admire the magnificent works of art that are scattered along the way.