Canyoning, is one of the most fun and exciting water sports, it is basically the art of descending through narrow gorges where small streams flow. Once you have worn the right equipment, you are ready to litteraly walk the stream without using an inflatable or a kayak. Starting at the top and going down with the stream there will be obstacles to cross: waterfalls, rock jumps, slides, flooded gorges, ponds.

There are various ways of dealing with these “tests”, those who feel brave can jump directly into the water, enjoying an electrifying adrenaline punch, but it is not mandatory; there will always be a rope to descend slowly and avoid those parts you don’t feel confortable with. Moreover, your expert and qualified guide will help you deal with descend in an atmosphere of true adventure and fun.

Sulla calata finale (50 metri!) del torrente Palvico.

Living a canyoning descent is an unforgettable active experience, discover a world normally inaccessible through carved rocks and crystal clear waters. Swimming, diving, sliding, rappelling!

Get away from normal everyday life for a moment and experience something very special in company.

  • Is the first time?

Often new things intimidate but anyone with a minimum of sportiness and love for water is able to face this experience without any problem.

  • Have you already done Canyoning?

Perfect! You might want to discover a more demanding descent, such as the RIO NERO INTEGRALE or the LIMARO ‘ROUTE, or why not take part in a CANYONING COURSE to learn the basics that will allow you to discover new rivers independently.

  • Private  customized tours

Unlike big specialized agencies, which tend to organize large groups, I offer the possibility of guiding you on a private tour, for a maximum of 6-8 people. If you want to share this experience with only those you love, involve friends or family and contact me!

  • Minimum age

Approximately 14 years and 40-45 kgs. (for the little ones, see River trekking Limarò)

  • Duration

About 2 hours of descent and 3.30 in total.

  • Meeting Point

Generally “Passo dell’Ampola” (Val di Ledro) or Bar Firi in Storo

  • What’s included

You will be provided with the complete equipment: neoprene wetsuit, overshoes, helmet and harness. Accompaniment of UIAGM Alpine Guide with canyon specialization.

  • What to bring

– comfortable sports shoes (which will get wet)

– swimsuit already on and t-shirt

– towel

– dry replacement


  • 75 € per person

Proposte Canyoning

  • Rio Nero classic version

    Classic canyon as popular as Palvico, compared to the latter it is less aquatic and presents more jumps.

  • Rio Palvico

    One of the highlights of Lake Garda, for some the most beautiful canyon in Italy!

  • Rio Nero full version

    One of the most demanding and satisfying canyon in the region.