Rio Palvico

One of the highlights of Lake Garda, for some the most beautiful canyon in Italy! Certainly one of the most popular and haunted, it has thousands of repeats every year.

Far from obvious but also not too difficult, it’s a river of guaranteed emotion, there are various slides, jumps and a final descent of fifty meters!

The initial part is easy and suitable for learning how to move and progress along the river, as it goes on it becomes more exciting and the gorge tightens until it gets deep and bubbly. Halfway there is an exit where those who prefer to avoid the final and most challinging part can get out and wait for the rest of the group in the sun.

Location: Storo, Chiese valley.

Duration is approximately 2.30 hours for the canyon only, 3.30 in total.

Technical evaluation Lenght 1km, v4, a3, III