The highlights of the Garda Lake

Also called Tracciolino or Massimo Torti path, this itinerary is the most fascinating, spectacular and rewarding excursion in the landscape of the entire Sarca valley and Lake Garda.

This is not a real via ferrata, in fact there are very few sections where the metal cable is to be used. It is mostly necessary to proceed roped up, using a climbing rope belayed to the many nails found in the rock.

I realize that the explanation may be unclear for those unfamiliar whit it but don’t worry: this is one of the few technical excursions on Lake Garda where a guide is widely justified. If you decide to hire one to be accompanied, he/she will take care of belaying you properly and explaining how it works.

Passaggio esposto sul sentiero dei Contrabbandieri (ph. Guetti)

It is a very particular path that develops mostly horizontally and therefore is not very tiring.

We will take a ring tour, the meeting and departure point of the itinerary is in Pregasina, right in front of the Regina Mundi statue. We will walk down the old Strada della Ponale and at a certain point take a slender track that descends towards the lake, losing altitude until we reach the beginning of the route.

Belayed to the numerous nails and bolts, following an almost uninterrupted narrow ledge halfway up the wall, that cuts the imposing rock face, the path alternates easy sections where you can easily walk to short sections equipped with metal cables and with a suggestive ladder.

The panorama is constantly breathtaking, it is literally overlooking the lake.

To return, you need to save some energy to go up a steep path that leads back to Pregasina and to the starting point where the car was left.






  • When? It is an ideal activity in spring and autumn but it can also be done during the winter in the morning (with the sun) or in the summer season after the mid-day sun (with the shade).
  • Duration 4-5 hours
  • Who is it for? It is a path suitable for everyone, children aged 12 and over, but not very recommended to those who suffer from vertigo!
  • What to bring? Sports shoes, comfortable clothing, a light raincoat, backpack with a snack and at least 1 liter of water per person.
  • Rate 1 person 200€, 2 person 120€, 3 person 100€, 4 person  80€, 5 person  80€

Price is for person, technical equipment is included.