Cima Tosa

The Tosa peak, with its 3173m, is the highest peak in the Brenta Dolomites. The summit of this mountain is absolutely suitable for those suffering from vertigo, it is in fact a gigantic almost-flat plateau as large as at least 5 or 6 side-by-side football fields.
From the Virgin Mary lying at the highest point, the view extends 360°, offering a marvelous spectacle, especially on autumn days of clear bright sky where, moreover, days of high pressure and ideal conditions for dolomitic mountaineering meet.

The Tosa is an impressively massive and vast mountain, while to the N provides the famous Canalone Neri and an 800m nearly vertical wall, the “weak” lines of the mountain are on the east and south faces. The glance on the huge Crozzon di Brenta mass, which with its dizzying cliffs on each side looks almost like a skyscraper, is amazing.

Via del Camino or Normal route on the east face 680m of which 20 meters 2+.

The normal route would be basically a long walk if it were not for a steep and short rocky strip that laps the base of the mountain, and that should be overcome to continue towards the top.
This section is an actual climb of 2+ grade, it’s only 20 meters but it involves all the features of climbing, both for the climb and for the rappel. The climb from the Pedrotti refuge to the summit is 680m and the journey takes about 4 hours to go up and 3 to descend.
NB: it is an ascension suitable also for those who have never climbed before, it is important to be trained to walk and have a firm foot.

Via Mingotti 760m with numerous sections up to 2 grade.
It’s the normal route from south, a long excursion with many stretches of 1 and 2 grade, to be considered slightly more demanding than the normal route from east.
The starting point is the Agostini refuge in Val Ambiez. The ascent of the Mingotti with descent through the “eastern” normal and the return to the refuge Agostini on the via ferrata Brentari represents a beautiful crossing of remarkable fascination and mountaineering interest.

Logistic: the program plans to reach the refuge autonomously on the first day, and then meet the guide to dinner. This option allows you to save on the expense of the guide who only charges the day of the ascension to the top. The next day begins early, leaving the refuge at dawn for the summit, and ends returning to the refuge for some lunch and then going down to the valley floor.

Historical note: in a not too distant past the plateau of the summit had a long “sail” of snow more than 30 meters high, a hanging glacier now reduced to a little cracked ice field no more than 4 or 5 meters high and marginalized on the south side, how long will it last ?!


  • with 1 client 400 €
  • with 2 clients € 240
  • with 3 clients € 200

If you are alone do not hesitate to contact me, I could get you a partner whom to share the costs with.