Corno di Cavento

Imposing peak, placed in a strategic position between the Lobbia glacier and the Lares glacieret. His sad story is closely linked to the historical events of the first world war: it was the scene of bloody battles and heroic glories from Austrian and Italian soldiers, the figure of lieutenant Felix Hecht, author of a detailed diary, became legendary. The Austrian commander fell in battle at the hands of the Italian troops.
Today the Corno di Cavento owes its popularity and important attendance to the combination of great fascination from the mountaineering and hiking point of view, combined with the important history it preserves. Near the summit there are tunnels from wartime yet in good condition, for security reasons and to preserve the site from theft, generally the tunnels are closed but officials of SAT (local mountaineering club) and the mountain guides can open the doors to allow hikers to feel, at least for a few minutes, what it was like to be in the gut of ice that had been the house and shelter for many unfortunate souls. For more historical information, please visit

Reaching the summit through the South ridge does not imply any particular technical difficulties since it is a climb on easy-to-walk debris where the biggest challenge is finding the right path. The mountaineering character (not to be underestimated) of the itinerary is given however by the crossing of the glaciers that lap the summit from whatever slope one comes from. Especially at the end of the season, with harder and steeper ice, this “glacial trek” can present pitfalls, making the access from the Cavento pass not easy and on a friable ground.

There are many possibilities of crossing, for example coming from the Lobbia refuge and combining the ascent of Cresta Croce the previous day; the most direct, short and simple access is from the Carè Alto refuge through the Niscli saddle and the Lares glacieret. On this route the climb from the refuge is 1100m, of which approximately 70% on foot on trail and uneven trail and 30% on the glacier. In terms of timing, calculate about 4-5 hours from the refuge to the summit and 3-4 hours the return. No mountaineering experience is required but being in shape for a long walk.

Logistics: Generally the first day starting at about 3 pm ends at the shelter, while the second day, starting before dawn, leads to the summit and then down to the valley floor. Subject to the manager’s availability, it is generally possible to get backpacks carried to the refuge with a cableway.

Clothing and equipment: warm hat, gloves, raincoat, warm sweater, light down jacket or two sweaters, sunglasses, boots for semi-step or step-in crampons, charged headlamp, climbing harness, 1 screw-lock climbing carabiner, water bottle, crampons suitable for the boots, helmet, ice axe, 35lt or more backpack.


  • 1 person: 450 €
  • 2 people: 250 €
  • 3 people: 180 €
  • 4 people: 180 €
  • 5 people: 150 €
  • 6 people: 150€

Price per person, including the rental of technical equipment (harness, crampons, ice axe and helmet). It’s preferred to work with preformed groups but if you are alone contact us anyway, we will do our best to find you a climbing mate.

Always ask about the contractual conditions.